What is an LOI?

An LOI, or Letter of Intent, is a formal, written document that initiates the process of a business deal by outlining the basic terms agreed upon by both parties. It’s a roadmap that sets the course for further negotiations and more detailed agreements.  

The Importance of LOI in Asset Purchase

When acquiring a small business, the transaction can take the form of either an asset purchase or a stock purchase. Each method has its own implications and nuances.

In an asset purchase, you’re buying the company’s assets—like its equipment, inventory, and client lists—but not the business entity itself. This means you generally aren’t assuming the company’s liabilities. It’s a popular choice for many small business acquisitions, especially for buyers who want to minimize potential risks.

This LOI template is designed specifically for asset purchases. It helps you to structure your offer, defining the assets to be acquired, the purchase price, the terms and conditions, and any other elements you want to include in your initial proposal.

Why Use Our LOI Template for Asset Purchase?

Crafting a Letter of Intent from scratch can be a challenging task, particularly if you’re new to the business acquisition process. That’s where our LOI template for asset purchase comes in handy.

Our template provides a structured format that covers all the essential details you need to include in your LOI. It serves as a comprehensive guide that you can customize according to your specific acquisition deal.

Please remember this material is for informational purposes only.  Nothing herein should be relied upon or used without consulting a lawyer to consider your specific circumstances, possible changes to applicable laws, rules and regulations and other legal issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I use an LOI in an asset purchase?

Using an LOI in an asset purchase allows you to define the core elements of the deal, such as the assets you intend to purchase, the price, and any terms and conditions, before moving into more detailed and legally binding agreements. It helps avoid misunderstandings, and creates a roadmap that guides the rest of the negotiation process.

How is an asset purchase different from a stock purchase?

In an asset purchase, you’re buying the assets of the business, such as equipment, inventory, and customer lists, but not the business entity itself. This means you usually aren’t assuming the company’s liabilities. In contrast, a stock purchase involves buying the company’s stock, effectively taking over the entire business, including its liabilities.

Is your LOI template legally binding?

No, the LOI itself is not a legally binding document. It’s meant to serve as a framework for the deal, outlining the basic terms agreed upon by both parties. However, it’s always advisable to have a lawyer review your LOI before it’s sent to ensure it suits your needs and doesn’t unintentionally create legal obligations.

Can I modify your LOI template?

Absolutely! Our LOI template is designed to be a starting point. It covers the fundamental aspects of an LOI for an asset purchase, but every transaction is unique. You should tailor the template to fit your specific circumstances and requirements.

Do you provide an LOI template for stock purchases?

Yes, we do. If you’re planning a stock purchase instead of an asset purchase, please visit our separate page dedicated to LOI templates for stock purchases.

Download Our LOI Template for Business Asset Purchase

Are you ready to take the first step towards buying a small business? Download our Letter of Intent template for asset purchase today. It’s designed to streamline your acquisition process and ensure smoother negotiations with the seller.

Remember, this template is specifically tailored for asset purchases. If you’re planning a stock purchase instead, please visit our separate page dedicated to LOI templates for stock purchases.

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