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Our M&A professionals have the ability to choose which clients and projects they're most interested in and where they can add value.

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DueDilio is always there to help but you own the client relationship. This creates a better experience for our clients and network participants. You'll build long-lasting relationships with a wide range of business buyers and investors.

Marketing & brand building

We present to you only the most relevant projects that are in-line with your experience and expertise. Business buyers provide transparent reviews and help you grow your brand on our network.

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What clients use DueDilio?


If you specialize in helping individual buyers or small teams navigate the complex landscape of business acquisition, DueDilio offers you access to this highly targeted client base. Become the go-to expert for searchers in need of professional advice and services.

Private Equity

DueDilio's platform is frequented by boutique Private Equity firms looking for top-notch expertise in due diligence and transaction advisory. Join our network and extend your services to this dynamic and lucrative segment.

Family Offices

Our platform is a resource for family offices seeking skilled professionals for small business investments. If you offer specialized services suitable for these high-net-worth investment bodies, DueDilio is the platform for you

Independent Sponsors

Independent sponsors are always in search of the right expertise to close a deal successfully. If you offer services in due diligence, value creation, or transaction advisory, join DueDilio to connect with independent sponsors actively seeking your skills.

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Where our Service Providers Come From

Big Four Accounting Firms

Many of our financial and accounting experts hail from Big Four firms, bringing a wealth of experience in forensic accounting, financial due diligence, and auditing.

Boutique Law Firms

Our network includes seasoned attorneys from leading law firms who specialize in M&A transactions, contractual law, and legal due diligence.

Management Consultancies

Strategic advisors from globally renowned consultancies are part of our network, offering invaluable insights into value creation and business strategy.

Investment Banks

With a strong background in deal structuring and financial modeling, our providers from investment banking are well-equipped to support complex transactions

Acquisition Entrepreneurs

We feature successful entrepreneurs who bring hands-on experience in business operations, growth strategies, and value creation.

Industry Experts

Specialists from various industries such as healthcare, technology, and manufacturing provide targeted insights based on their extensive field experience.

Independent Consultants

Our platform also hosts many talented independent consultants skilled in areas like market analysis, technology assessment, and due diligence.

Frequently Asked Questions

To become a service provider on DueDilio, simply navigate to the “New Service Provider” page on our website and fill out the application form. Once submitted, your application will go through a thorough vetting process, including credentials verification, a review of past work, and an interview. Upon successful review, you’ll be welcomed into our network.

We look for professionals with proven expertise in transaction advisory, due diligence, and value creation. Your focus has to be on small businesses, not startups or VCs. You should have relevant qualifications and substantial experience in your field to be considered for our platform.

It depends.  For attorneys & law firms, there is an annual fee to be part of our network.  For everyone else, we earn our revenue through a commission on successfully facilitated transactions.

Our platform uses an advanced matching algorithm that takes into account your skills, experience, and areas of expertise. This helps us connect you with clients who are looking for services that you specialize in.

Absolutely. We provide you with the details of available projects that match your profile, and you’re free to choose which ones you’d like to take on.

Payments are not processed through our platform at this time.  All commercial terms, contracts, and payments are handled directly between the client and the service provider. 

Our primary client base consists of searchers, private equity firms, family offices, independent sponsors, and SMBs mostly focusing on transactions ranging from $1M to $25M in enterprise value.

Yes, upon joining our network, you’ll be required to sign a standard agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of working through DueDilio. This may include NDAs to protect confidential client information.

We vet each project and client that comes through our platform to ensure they are legitimate and align with the standards of quality that we uphold. We aim to offer rewarding and reputable projects to our service providers.

We offer a range of support including detailed project briefs, client-provider mediation, and a dedicated support team to answer any queries you may have. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth and successful working relationship between you and the client.

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