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DueDilio - Acquisition Aficionado

How to Hire M&A Due Diligence Experts: 10 Important Questions to Ask

Roman Beylin gives you ten questions to help you choose the right due diligence pro.

DueDilio - Mercury Meridian

How to sell a business for under $1M

Meridian is an online magazine published by Mercury Bank - a leading online bank for entrepreneurs & startups. DueDilio was honored to be interviewed for an article on M&A in the inaugural issue.

DueDilio - PrivSource LMM

Due Your Diligence

For those pursuing deals in the $500k to $25MM range, DueDilio can be a great resource. DueDilio is a due diligence concierge connecting business buyers and private investors with quality, pre-vetted, due diligence solutions. DueDilio has a deep network of independent professionals, boutique, and mid-size firms that can address finance, legal, technology, operations, HR/benefits, and other diligence needs. Today, DueDilio’s network includes over 120 diligence providers in addition to complementary partnerships that extend its capabilities.

DueDilio - They Got Acquired

Due diligence: How to make this part of the acquisition process a little less painful

What does due diligence mean? And what should you expect from the due diligence period? Here’s what you can do to make this part of the sale process go smoothly.

DueDilio - SharkPreneur

Ep 56: DueDilio: The M&A Marketplace

At DueDilio, they are passionate about supporting searchers, independent sponsors, family offices, and SMBs throughout the M&A process. They take the time to understand our client’s specific situation and present solutions from their network of trusted, pre-vetted due diligence service providers.

DueDilio - Captarget

After a Deal is Sourced, What About Due Diligence?

For those buyers looking for options when entering due diligence, finding a cost-effective proposal from a reputable set of professionals is paramount.

DueDilio - Stack Acquisitions Episode

E:40 Top M&A Entrepreneurs Roman Beylin, 1 Acquisition to launching DueDilio, Due Diligence for M&A

Roman Beylin is the founder of DueDilio, an M&A due diligence marketplace as well as publisher of The Business Inquirer newsletter. He began his career in investment management and moved to investment banking. In 2013 he caught the entrepreneurial bug and co-founded one of the first alternative data consulting firms counting some of the most well-known hedge funds as clients. After a few years, he sold that business and since then has been active in the Entrepreneurs through Acquisition space working full-time on DueDilio.

DueDilio - Alts by Flippa

Do You Even Cashflow?

Richard Patey of Flippa writes about the importance of a Quality of Earnings Report in offline business acquisitions. As Flippa continues to expand into the lower middle market, there will be a great focus on this area of due diligence.

DueDilio - Small Business Acquisition

The Tools & Philosophy I Used to Buy a Small Business in Less Than 6 Months

Jordan Novgrod is a searcher who acquired a business in under 6-months. He is documenting his journey in the Small Business Acquisition newsletter. In this issue, Jordan talks about the tools and resources he used along this process.

DueDilio - BizNexus 2

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Due Diligence

Here we discuss the due diligence process around cyber security and data privacy, what it entails, steps a business owner should take to ensure their data and their end-customers, and how external professionals with expertise in the area can help. We are joined by Roman Beylin from DueDilio and William Price from CyberX.

DueDilio - BizNexus 2

ExitPrep - Choosing a Diligence Professional

Exitprep workshop session with Roman Beylin and Linh Johansson, talking about the due diligence process and how to choose a due diligence professional to work with as a business owner.

DueDilio - BizNexus 2

ExitPrep - Preparing for Financial Due Diligence

We sat down with Roman Beylin and Mike Jerman to chat about the financial diligence process, and what a first-time seller should expect heading into the process.

DueDilio - BizNexus 2

Legal diligence with Linh Adelaida Johansson, Bill Barlow & Roman Beylin

In this session Linh Adelaida Johansson talk with Roman Beylin and Bill Barlow about the legal due diligence process and which area it must cover, possible impacts on future valuations and future risk mitigation after a transfer or the business has been made.

DueDilio - BizNexus 2

ExitPrep - Preparing for Technical Due Diligence

We sat down with Roman Beylin from DueDilio and Brent Sanders from Verne to chat about what a first-time seller should expect when it comes to technical diligence heading into a sell-side engagement, and what they should be prepared for before going to market.

How2Exit - DueDilio and the Importance of Due Diligence in M&A

Ronald Skelton interviews DueDilio founder Roman Beylin about his M&A journey, launching DueDilio, and the importance of hiring the right M&A due diligence service providers.

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