Website Due Diligence: 3 Major Red Flags When Buying Content Websites

If you are looking to acquire a profitable content-based website, you will need to perform extensive due diligence. There are many moving pieces to a website that can make or break a deal.   In this guest article, Mushfiq S shares his experience in content website due diligence and the 3 major red flags to watch […]

Everything You Need to Know About Business Due Diligence

When it comes to business acquisitions, the significance of the due diligence process can’t be understated. Having prior knowledge about all aspects of your new investment or acquisition will save you from a massive headache in the future. Business due diligence allows you to make an informed decision with all the facts.  In this article […]

Investors Guide to Tech Due Diligence

Whether you’re buying or investing in a SaaS, e-commerce store, mobile app, plugin, or any other type of tech-enabled business – you need to conduct thorough due diligence of the technology.  In this guest article, we provide investors with a guide to technology due diligence. About the author:Frank Oelschlager is a partner and senior consultant […]

Quality of Earnings: What is it and Why it’s Important

A Quality of Earnings Report (QoE) is one of the most requested pieces of financial due diligence we see at DueDilio.  It is often a required piece of financial due diligence by investors and lenders.   In this article, we’ll discuss what a QoE is and why it’s important. Table of Contents What is a Quality […]

How Long Is A Due Diligence Period When Buying A Business

What is a due diligence period? Buying or investing in a business is a big decision.  The due diligence period is an opportunity to dig deeper into a company’s legal, financial, and operational aspects before you commit to a final purchase. This is your chance to confirm the accuracy of the seller’s representations, as well […]

Deal Structures: Asset Sale vs. Stock Sale

In most M&A transactions, one of the first questions for the parties to the transaction is how the deal should be structured.  When the time comes to draft the purchase agreement, there will be significant differences in the agreement depending on the type of transaction structure agreed upon by the buyer and the seller. Table […]

How To Create a Due Diligence Checklist

A due diligence checklist is an organized way to analyze a company that you are acquiring through sale, merger, or another method. By following this checklist, you can learn about a company’s assets, liabilities, contracts, benefits, and potential problems. Due diligence checklists are usually arranged in a basic format. However, they can be changed to […]

What Is Due Diligence

What is due diligence?  In this article, we’ll discuss due diligence, what it is, why it’s important, what it involves, and more. Table of Contents What is Due Diligence Due diligence is a process or effort to collect and analyze information before making a decision or conducting a transaction so a party is not held […]