If you’re planning to buy a small business, an Asset Purchase Agreement is an essential document to facilitate the transaction. Our Asset Purchase Agreement template helps streamline the acquisition process, ensuring a smooth transition and protecting your interests.


Asset Purchase Agreement (APA)

In our article on deal structures, we discuss the two most common types of transactions – asset sale and stock sale.  At DueDilio, the most common type of transaction we see is an asset sale.  In an asset sale transaction, the business buyer will work with an attorney to draft an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA).  

What is an Asset Purchase Agreement?

An Asset Purchase Agreement is a legally binding contract that outlines the terms and conditions of buying a business’s assets. These assets can include tangible properties like equipment, inventory, and buildings, as well as intangible ones like trademarks, patents, and customer lists.

The Role of an Asset Purchase Agreement in Small Business Acquisitions

In an asset purchase, you’re buying the assets of the business, but not the business entity itself. This method allows you to pick and choose the assets you want to acquire and potentially avoid taking on certain liabilities.

Our Asset Purchase Agreement template provides a detailed framework that outlines the assets to be purchased, the purchase price, the terms and conditions of the sale, and any representations and warranties.

Why Use Our Asset Purchase Agreement Template?

Drafting an Asset Purchase Agreement from scratch can be complex and time-consuming. Our template offers a comprehensive guide that you can modify to meet your specific acquisition needs. Make sure to consult with a licensed attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I use an Asset Purchase Agreement in a business acquisition?

An Asset Purchase Agreement provides a clear framework for the transaction, detailing the assets to be acquired, the purchase price, the terms and conditions of the sale, and any representations and warranties. It helps protect your interests and ensure a smooth transaction.

Is your Asset Purchase Agreement template legally binding?

Yes, an Asset Purchase Agreement is a legally binding contract. However, the specifics can vary depending on your jurisdiction, so it’s always advisable to consult with a lawyer to ensure that your agreement is legally sound.

Can I modify your Asset Purchase Agreement template?

Yes, our Asset Purchase Agreement template is designed to be a starting point. It covers the key elements of an Asset Purchase Agreement, but every business transaction is unique. The agreement should be tailored to fit your specific needs and circumstances. Make sure to consult a licensed attorney.

Download Our Asset Purchase Agreement Template for Small Business Acquisitions

Take the next step in your business acquisition journey by downloading our Asset Purchase Agreement template today. It’s designed to ensure a smooth transaction and protect your interests during the acquisition.

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