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Our Mission

We built DueDilio to streamline the way due diligence gets done.

DueDilio is the first platform that helps investors and lower middle market M&A participants easily source and hire due diligence service providers.  With the largest network of pre-vetted independent professionals, boutique, and mid-size firms, DueDilio can tackle any project scope.  Whether our clients require a technology assessment, valuation, Quality of Earnings, Proof of Cash, insurance/benefits review, background check, or market research – DueDilio has the right solution to fit the project scope and budget.

Founded in 2021, DueDilio has facilitated hundreds of projects on behalf of searchers, independent sponsors, SMBs, SMEs, and private investors.

Save Time, Save Money

Access our deep network of pre-vetted M&A due diligence resources including independent professionals, boutique & mid-size firms, subject-matter-experts, and more.


Save the time and stress involved in sourcing & pricing the right due diligence provider. We collect and present you with multiple proposals that fit your specific needs and budget.

We're a People Business

We are not a DIY service that leaves you with more questions than you started with. We're here to help you every step of the way. Whether this is your first deal or you're a sophisticated investor - we're here to help.

What Our Customers Have To Say

My firm engaged DueDilio for an accounting review of our portfolio company financials to provide to our banking partner. We were quickly provided with a few candidate firms who provided proposals in response to our engagement description - all of which well qualified. After choosing a partner we promptly engaged with the firm. The firm we selected was very responsive throughout the process and our final product was tailored exactingly to our needs. Overall, our experience with DueDilio and the company with which we were matched was very positive.

Richard G.

Boutique Private Equity Firm

Roman and The DueDilio referred professionals were awesome. Very informative and helpful. Top quality service!

Juan D.

Private Investor

So far, I am pleased with DueDilio. It has probably saved me $5-10K so far and connected me with many quality professionals. I will most likely review it again once I have completed the process with these professionals.

Jordan N.

Search Fund

Great platform. Makes it infinitely easier to find and select diligence providers.

Connor S.

Search Fund

Bob was great to work with and delivered exactly what I needed. Thanks to his work, I was able to shave nearly 20% off the asking price, and it might even go lower. More importantly, he focused on what mattered versus any other superfluous bells and whistles - I cannot emphasize how important this is for an acquisition newb like me. At the end of the day, I have historical P&Ls that are accurate, and a key understanding of the areas that I need to dig deeper into during this acquisition process. All without a 45+ page report. 🙂 
10/10 I'd work with Bob again. Thanks to you for recommending him - I really appreciate it. 

Rithesh M.

Search Fund

DueDilio connected me with a very helpful and experienced advisor that supported pre-LOI stage diligence and LOI drafting, and Roman and his team at DueDilio were engaged and efficient throughout the entire process.10/10 I'd work with Bob again. Thanks to you for recommending him - I really appreciate it. 

Jonas D.

Independent Sponsor

DueDilio is a great service. In business, the ol’e saying is “it’s all about who you know.” Well, DueDilio is all about that with regard to financial diligence. I’ll use them again.

Sammy A.

Boutique Private Equity Firm

Positive overall experience - I was quickly match with qualified professionals that were well suited for my project (background check) at my desired price range. I look forward to using the platform again.

Jack C.

Private Investor

DueDilio made finding a business advisor easy for me and saved me a ton of time. I was presented multiple proposals within 24 hours and was able to select an experienced advisor I would not have found otherwise.

Ken G.

Independent Sponsor

I’ve used DueDilio and referred the platform to friends needing M&A valuations. The platform is such a huge time saver and risk mitigation when you’re making a very important business decision with quality of earnings, legal, due diligence, consulting, etc.

Patrick D.

Search Fund

We worked with DueDilio on a financial and tax due diligence project. Roman was super supportive with short response times.
The quality of suggested DD providers was convincing, although we chose a local provider in the end who was better equipped to cover the tax-related questions.
I‘m sure we‘ll use DueDilio again and definitely recommend their services.

Jan-Philipp C.

Boutique Private Equity Firm

A great all around product. I didn’t provide a very thorough view into what my needs were, but I was still given multiple options that were geared exactly towards what I needed. Extensive offerings, very fast response times.

Bryan Z.

Search Fund

Industries We Serve

Content & Media

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Fintech, Brokers, Insurance, Crypto

Health Care

Pharma, Biotech, Devices, Providers


Restaurants, Hotels, Leisure, Franchise


Construction, Transports, Oil & Gas, Materials, Ag


Autos, Materials, Food, Consumer Goods

Real Estate

Residential, Commercial, Specialized


DTC, eCommerce, Brick & Mortar, Wholesale


B2B, B2C, Education, Marketing, Professional


Software, Hardware, Telco, IoT, AI, Apps, Plugins

Roman S. Beylin, Founder

In 2021, I launched DueDilio to level the playing field for M&A participants that are looking for high-quality, cost-efficient due diligence and value creation solutions.  The DueDilio team puts our client’s needs at the forefront of every project and recommendation.

Prior to launching DueDilio, I was a co-founder of LegalTech SaaS, founder of an alternative data consulting firm, and more recently bought and sold several online businesses.

My professional career began in traditional finance working for over 10 years in equity research (Fidelity Investments) and investment banking (CLSA Americas). 

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