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DueDilio is a marketplace and advisory service for assembling an M&A deal team for small business transactions. Our large and growing network of highly vetted independent professionals and boutique firms specialize in M&A advisory, due diligence, and post-acquisition value creation.
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Trusted by Searchers, Independent Sponsors, Private Equity, and SMBs.

Our clients are participants in the lower middle market pursuing transactions in the range of $1M to $25M in deal size.
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service providers for any stage of the transaction

Popular M&A Services

Pre-LOI Services

Pre-LOI M&A services cover early transaction stages, such as coaching, deal sourcing, financing, deal modeling, and more.

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Legal Services

Navigate M&A with our expert attorneys specializing in document drafting, diligence, negotiation, and more.

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Post-LOI Due Diligence

Post-LOI due diligence involves deep analysis of a target business, covering financials, technology, operations, and other risks.

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Post-Acquisition Services

Post-acquisition services include essential integration and daily support in areas like accounting, legal, marketing, and technology.

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searchers. investors. SMBs.

DueDilio is your one-stop solution for assembling your M&A deal team.

Save Time, Save Money

Access our large and growing network of highly vetted M&A advisors, due diligence providers, value creation professionals, and more. Includes verified independent professionals, boutique, and mid-size firms.

Compare Multiple Proposals

Save the time and stress involved in sourcing & pricing the right M&A service provider. We collect and present you with multiple proposals that fit your specific needs and budget.

We're a People Business

We are not a DIY service that leaves you with more questions than you started with. We're here to help you every step of the way. Whether this is your first deal or you're a sophisticated investor - we're here to help.

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How DueDilio Works

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Scope a Project

Tell us about your M&A needs and work with our account managers to finalize a scope of work, budget and timeline for your project.

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View Proposals

Within hours, we will deliver curated solutions that match your needs and budget. We're always available to answer any questions.

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Hire Service Provider

Seamlessly hire the right service provider for your exact needs and budget. We are with you at each step.

trusted by M&A community

What Our Clients are Saying

A great all around product. I didn’t provide a very thorough view into what my needs were, but I was still given multiple options that were geared exactly towards what I needed. Extensive offerings, very fast response times.
I came to DueDilio with a very time-sensitive due diligence request, and very quickly the team shared several profiles (with different levels of experience, price points and angles) customized to my needs. The teams I worked with were very professional and helpful -- all at a fraction of the price (and much faster) than I would've paid contracting someone on my own. Look forward to continuing to work with the DueDilio team for future projects.
I recently used DueDilio to find professionals to assist me in purchasing a business and I couldn't be happier with the experience. The platform was incredibly easy to use and allowed me to create a detailed proposal that accurately reflected my needs. Within a short amount of time, I received responses from highly qualified and reasonably priced providers, all of whom were professional and courteous throughout the process. I highly recommend DueDilio to anyone in need of finding reliable and affordable professionals for their business needs. The platform is a true game-changer and has certainly earned my trust and loyalty.


Access our online collection of professionally written articles, guides, case studies, checklists, and document templates.

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What are the most popular services on DueDilio?

M&A Coaching
Deal Sourcing
Deal Financing
Market Research Report
Insurance/Benefits Review

Background Check
Quality of Earnings Report
Business Valuation
Technology Due Diligence
Legal Due Diligence

LOI/APA/PPM Drafting
ERC Credit Review
Fractional CTO/CFO/CMO
Commercial Due Diligence
Accounting & Bookkeeping

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. DueDilio is not an M&A advisor or due diligence firm. We are a marketplace that helps you assemble a tailored M&A deal team. Our service providers offer transaction advisory, due diligence, and post-acquisition value creation services

DueDilio specializes in supporting transactions ranging from $1M to $25M in enterprise value. Our network of vetted professionals covers a diverse array of sectors, including healthcare, technology, home services, and manufacturing, among others. We are able to assist with online and offline business M&A.

Our typical clients are searchers, independent sponsors, private equity firms, family offices, and SMBs generally focused on transactions ranging from $1M to $25M in enterprise value.

Yes!  We are here to help.  Please use this Calendly link to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

Our platform streamlines the M&A process, offering quick matches with vetted professionals, saving you time on search and negotiations while providing cost-efficient solutions.

All service providers in our network undergo a rigorous vetting process, including credential verification, a review of past work, reference checks, and interviews, ensuring high-quality, reliable support for your M&A needs.

DueDilio is free for clients to use. Our revenue comes from the service providers in our network, allowing us to offer a cost-effective solution for your M&A needs.

Yes!  Please visit our Knowledge Center to view helpful articles and download free templates and M&A checklists.

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