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"I urgently needed a technical due diligence report on a B2B SaaS. I posted a request, received multiple proposals, and hired an expert within 24-hours. A week later I turned to DueDilio to connect with an attorney for an asset purchase agreement. DueDilio is a great platform and I'm excited to see it grow."
Jason R.
Micro Angel Investor

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Robert W.
Robert W.
Technical Due Diligence
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21 years of hands-on application development focused on enterprise SaaS. Conducted technical DD on multiple projects ranging from platform apps to large enterprise solutions. Long-term advisor for post acquisition support.
Allison B.
Allison B.
Financial Due Diligence
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16 years of experience as a CPA helping startups and SMEs. Advised on multiple M&A transactions ranging from $75k to $1.7M enterprise value.
Mark J.
Mark J.
Legal Due Diligence
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11 years of experience as Managing Partner of regional law firm. Advising investment syndicates to micro-acquirers. Complete transaction lifecycle from LOI, reviewing contracts, IP research, and deal closing.

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"We were looking for an on-demand M&A team for a roll-up in the healthcare space. Expected transaction value around $90M. We needed due diligence support and post integration resources. DueDilio was extremely helpful in connecting us with the right people, quickly."
Dell H.
Dell H.
Private Equity Fund

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